The Vital Importance of the Kidneys on Our Health


An excerpt from the book "The National Bladder Control Program," by Lino Stanchich is presented.

Naturopathic Approaches to Diabetic Kidney Disease


The article focuses on naturopathic approaches to treating diabetic kidney disease. It discusses the processes that have been shown to reduce morbidity and mortality in diabetic nephropathy such ...

Arthritis, Kidney Function, and Salt Baths


The article focuses on the letter received by Herman Aihara, the leading authority on practical macrobiotics and natural living, from a woman with a worsening bone condition. It mentions that Aih...

Liver & kidney cleansing


The article reports on the strategies that will help individuals clean their kidneys and livers. It reveals that liver function tests play essential role in the diagnosis of several liver disease...

Innovative Strategies to Combat Kidney Disease


The article focuses on chronic kidney disease (CKD). Folic acid is known for reducing levels of homocysteine, a metabolite found in individuals with (CKD). Research suggests that omega-3 fatty ac...

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