The 7 Senses?


The article offers information on the sixth and seventh senses, the vestibular sense and the sense of proprioception. The vestibular system works without people's awareness and continues to funct...

Vestibular Deficits after Whiplash Injuries


The article presents a study on vestibular deficits after whiplash injuries. It explores on the context which is relative to whiplash injuries without direct head trauma, however, any type of acc...

Coping with Vestibular (Inner-Ear) Trauma


What would you do if you woke up one morning and found that you were seasick? Not just queasy, but horribly - wanting the boat to sink so you could die - seasick? How would you deal with a world where spatial reality became unpredictable and you could hear and then not hear and what you heard might not always be.… real? Would you think you were going crazy?

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