The 55 best herbal remedies


Not long ago, American herbalists had to rely on folklore and anecdote. There was little clinical data on herbs, and what did exist was mostly published in German. But researchers (and translators) have been busy of late, and we now have proof that herbs are viable treatments for many ailments.

Detoxify with herbs


The article provides information on the use of classic cleansing herbs as antioxidants. It discusses the benefits of three of the top detoxifying herbs rich in antioxidants including the sarsapar...

The top 10 healing herbs


The article offers information on the top 10 healing herbs. Astragalus is known in China as huang qi and is regarded by some herbalists as superior to ginseng. It states that dandelion can treat ...

Botanicals and chronic diseases: Presentation summary


Pharmacologically active phytochemicals (botanical therapeutics) have been used historically to treat and prevent diseases. In the US, botanical therapeutics can be developed as food additives, d...

Research highlights from the Purdue-UAB Botanicals Research Center for Age Related Diseases


The Purdue-UAB Botanicals Research Center for Age Related Disease uses multidisciplinary and innovative technologies to investigate the bioavailability of bioactive polyphenolic constituents from...

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