Elder flowers(Sambucus spp.)

Sambucus vs. Hormones: A Natural and Preventive Approach to Female Health

From adolescence on women are subject to treatment with hormones in order to regulate the intestinal cycle, to protect against pregnancy, and to eliminate various effects of menopause. Unfortunately, prolonged treatment with estrogen (such as Premarin) and progesterone, or their combinations (e.g. birth control pills) have side-effects, Manufacturers list the enormous number of 50 to 60 different side-effects caused by contraceptive pills. including myocardial infarction, thromboembolism, cerebral hemorrhage and cancer.


The article evaluates the Sambucus Flu Care bio-certified black elderberry extracts from Naturesway.

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra, canadensis)

Elderberry is a famous flu remedy from traditional medicine, its recorded medical uses going back at least to the time of the Romans. Unfortunately it has been pigeonholed by modern herbalists as a diaphoretic or diuretic, overlooking its broader potential as an immune-enhancer or "blood cleanser." See the accompanying article on "bad blood" for a discussion of this term. A recent clinical trial In Israel showed that a preparation not only ended cases of the flu within three days, but increased antibody production.

Sambucus Nigra: The Herb and the Remedy


Elderberry has been one of the most utilized botanical herbs ever since prehistoric times. In Italy and Switzerland, there is evidence of this from its cultivation thousands of years ago. Its initial worth seemed to be of myth and magic derived from spirits living within its branches. One folklore story tells that it is perfectly safe to stand under an elder tree during storms since lightning never strikes an elder tree.


Sambucus nigra (Elderberry)

Provides information on the European elder or Sambucus nigra, a tall tree-like shrub used in traditional medicine. Active constituents of elderberries, the fruit of Sambucus nigra, responsible f...

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