Garlic (Allium sativa)

Health and Anti-Aging Benefits of Aged Garlic Extract

The article offers information about the health and anti-aging benefits of age garlic extract (AGE) due to its high content of organosulfur compounds and antioxidant activity. Studies proved that...

Inhibition of Carcinogen-Induced DNA Damage in Rat Liver and Colon by Garlic Powders With Varying Alliin Content

Abstract: The present study was designed to investigate the protective efficiency of three garlic powders, obtained from bulbs grown in soils with different levels of sulfur fertilization, agains...


The article focuses on the nutritional value of garlic and the means to grow it. Garlic is known to have a rich source of vitamins and minerals and is active against the food-borne pathogens foun...


Plant garlic this fall for a flavorful harvest next summer.

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