Immortal Stem Cells for Anti-Aging Therapies


The article presents an interview with Dr. Michael D. West, chief executive officer (CEO) of biotechnology company BioTime, Inc. When asked about the meaning of the term regenerative medicine, We...

Dietary Supplements Essential to Health of Seniors


As the American population ages, a rapidly growing body of evidence shows that dietary supplements significantly improve the health of senior citizens. And diverse leaders - from the scientific community to the U.S. government - are recognizing the important contributions dietary supplements make to seniors' health.

Living Longer with a Healthy Immune System


Science has shown us that Humans can live at least 150 years. But why are there so many people dying at the age of 60, 70, or 80? When they can live twice as long. How would you like to add an extra 50 years to your life? Think of all the things you can achieve with 50 extra years. Impossible? Let me tell you how the science of Nutrition Immunology can make it possible.

Nutrition Immunology

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