White oak bark(Quercus alba)

Action and energetics of some common North American Trees

Trees, Earth's largest plants, embody the wood element. Humans and trees have co-evolved to a degree that our lives seem unfathomable without their wealth of resources. Symbolically, trees have represented longevity, wisdom, fertility, and a strength that can yield without breaking. These universal themes apply to the elemental wu xing as well.

Herbs for teeth and gums

The article offers tips for taking care of one's gums and teeth using herbs. The author cites the ingredients he uses which are composed of powdered herbs such as white oak bark, myrrh, bayberry,...

Herbs for Postpartum Perineum Care: Part Two

Presents a variety of herbal remedies for second-degree perineum tear. Comfrey, perennial herbs with anti-inflammatory properties that may decrease bruising; Marshmallow, a European perennial pla...

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