Do Fruit and Vegetables Prevent Cancer?


The article discusses the major role that fruit and vegetable consumption play in cancer prevention. It cites a study by the European Prospective Investigation Into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) wh...

Berry nutritious and delicious


The article discusses various health benefits of berries. Berries offer higher concentrations of antioxidants than other foods, it is rich in vitamin C, and it helps to prevent heart disease. It ...

Bioavailability of Quercetin From Berries and the Diet


Abstract: Berries are a rich source of various polyphenols, including the flavonoid quercetin. In this article, the results of three intervention studies investigating the bioavailability of quer...

Berry, berry good


When it comes to eating berries, a seat on the back porch with a market basket tumbling over with those glistening jewels is probably the best way. Let's face it, you can hardly improve on their perfection. Sparkling little bonbons that provide an explosion of nutrition all by themselves! One cup of strawberries is loaded with vitamin C--more than one whole orange! And what about all that fiber? Raspberries and blackberries, in a cup-to-cup ratio, carry as much as that all-time high-fiber great, cooked oatmeal.

Berry Phenolics: Antimicrobial Properties and Mechanisms of Action Against Severe Human Pathogens


Abstract: Antimicrobial activity and mechanisms of phenolic extracts of 12 Nordic berries were studied against selected human pathogenic microbes. The most sensitive bacteria on berry phenolics w...

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