Prevention of Oxidative DNA Damage by Bioactive Berry Components


The hormone 17ss-estradiol (E2) causes oxidative DNA damage via redox cycling of its metabolites such as 4-hydroxy estradiol (4E2). In this study, ACI rats (8 wk old) were fed either AIN-93M diet...

The Disease-Fighting POWER OF BERRIES


The article discusses various impact of eating berries in the health. It states that deeply pigmented a fruit or vegetable, the more nutritional value it has and they possess powerful abilities t...

Bioactive compounds in berries relevant to human health


Berries contain powerful antioxidants, potential allergens, and other bioactive compounds. Genetic and environmental factors affect production and storage of such compounds. For this reason breed...

Berries Jubilee


A chart that outlines a guide to finding and preparing berries that are flawlessly fresh and exquisitely ripe, and various berry recipes are presented, including Blackberry, Jicama, and Apple Sal...

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