Nature's Powerful Juices


The article discusses the health benefits of fruit juices. Research has shown fruit juices contain compounds that play a vital role in the prevention of numerous diseases, especially those relate...

Rooting for Fruits


The article looks at the health benefits of fruits. Amy Howell of Rutgers University says the anti-adhesion effect of cranberries can be attributed to its ability to prevent urinary tract infecti...

THE NEW Superfruits


Give the apples and bananas a rest and round out your repertoire with these exotic, anti-oxidant-packed picks

The raw deal


Curious about super-healthy ways to eat — but don't want to feel deprived? First up in our three-part series: how to go raw, without selling your stove

Superfruits to the rescue


The article discusses the health benefits of several berries including stawberries, blackberries, blueberries, red raspberries, and black and red currants. It notes that strawberries contain anti.

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