Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity of Legumes


The anti-lipid peroxidation activity, free radical scavenger activity and anti-superoxide formation of hot water extracts of legumes (HWEL), such as mung bean (Phaseolus radiatus L.), adzuki bean...

Legumes over easy


Cut your cholesterol 60 points in 3 weeks with this quick-cooking food

Lentils were King Tut's favorite food. Well, probably not. But they could have been. These little legumes are among the world's oldest domesticated crops, dating back a good 10,000 years. The same goes for their cousins the split peas. Regardless of how much ancient Egyptian royalty actually relished them, these foods (which belong to the legume family, along with beans) deserve a princely place in your diet.

Upregulation of Isoflavonoids and Soluble Proteins in Edible Legumes by Light and Fungal Elicitor Treatments


Objective: In this study, our working hypothesis was that continuous light and fungal elicitation treatment of legume seedlings would lead to enhanced levels of isoflavonoids and soluble proteins...

Loving Legumes for all the Right Reasons: Health, Flavor and Value


The article reports on the benefits offered by legumes. It is noted that the legumes is associated with lower blood cholesterol levels, lower body weight, and lower rates of heart disease. It is ...

Cereal grains, legumes, and weight management: a comprehensive review of the scientific evidence


There is strong evidence that a diet high in whole grains is associated with lower body mass index, smaller waist circumference, and reduced risk of being overweight; that a diet high in whole gr...

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