Goji berries

Tibetan Berry Powerful Elixir


The article offers information about Goji Light, a nutrient-dense superfood extracted from Tibetan Goji Berry. This elixir provides 9 essential amino acids, 21 immune-boosting trace minerals and ...

Go for Goji


The article deals with the Tibetan Lycium berries or goji berries which possess versatility in its uses. Conventionally, goji fruit has been taken internally to treat diabetes, vertigo, high bloo...

Goji Berry- New Super Food


The article evaluates Wild Tibetan Goji sun-dried berries, the most powerful antioxidant whole food from Extreme Health Inc. and offers information on its mineral ingredients and benefits for the...

Goji Berry-Ancient Herb, New Discovery


Provides information about the health benefits of Goji berry. Increase of energy and strength; Maintenance of healthy blood pressure; Enhancement of sexual function, support of eye health.

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