Goji berries

Gorgeous goji


The article focuses on antioxidant-rich food goji berries, known as Chinese wolfberry, which became a health food phenomenon. The nutrients dense goji berries have been part of traditional Chines...



The article provides information on the herb called Goji berry. It is a Chinese Lycium chinense that is recommended as traditional medicine which is used in energy and rejuvenation drinks and can...

Goji Berry Juice Enhances Energy, Well-Being


The article reports on the findings of the study regarding the health benefits offered by goji berry for Asian patients. The study found that goji berry juice intake for two weeks improves health...

Are Goji Berries Berries Really the Healthiest Food on the Planet?


The article provides an answer to a question if goji berries also have health benefits aside from acai berries and mangosteen.

Goji asia's berried treasure


The article focuses on the beneficial effects of goji berries. Traditionally, goji berries are used to strengthen the immune system, promote heart health, enhance mental acuity, support liver fun...

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