The Nut That Heals: A Report on Almonds


Pathways to Health, Nov/Dec1999, Vol. 15 Issue 5, p1, 3p
Database: Alt HealthWatch

Amonds: Triglycerides and Heart Disease


The article reports on a study which cites that plant cell walls of almonds act as physical barrier which prevent the release of lipid during digestion. The postprandial findings reveal that trig...

Just almonds


Reading the sodium levels on some packages of nuts is enough to raise your blood pressure. We like three varieties of Sunkist Almond Munchies, which provide good fats and vitamin E without sodium overload. Roastie Toasties are lightly salted, with only 95 mg of sodium per serving (23 nuts), in The Raw are plain, and Nudies, with 105 mg sodium, are roasted and skinless--for adding to salads or dishes like green beans almondine. The USDA recommends limiting sodium intake to help prevent high blood pressure. At grocery stores for $4 per six-serving bag.

Not Your Ordinary Nut, Almonds Boast Great Nutrition, Flavor, Versatility, Health Benefits


This article focuses on the nutritional value of almonds. Almonds have played a prominent role in cultures and customs around the world for centuries, particularly as a sign of fertility. Italian...

The Beat Goes On: New Research Continues to Show Almonds' Valuable Role in Heart Health


The article highlights the research presented at the annual Experimental Biology meeting, which found several reasons why almonds play an integral role in heart health. The latest research shows ...

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