Sea and Himalayan Salt

Celtic Sea Salt--finest quality salt available

The article evaluates the Celtic Sea Salt from Forever Healthy.

Health-sustaining sea salt

Focuses on the health benefits of sea salt. Composition of table salt; Nutritional value of salt; Purchase of the appropriate sea salt.

Salts of earth and sea

The article discusses the health benefits of natural sea salt. The author inferred that natural sea salt is a good source of trace minerals and has natural healing properties. She added that it a...

Go easy on the sea salt

Many home cooks are switching to this condiment made popular by celebrity chefs, in the mistaken belief that it's healthier than regular salt, reports a British survey. Dash for dash, sea salt and regular salt have about the same amount of sodium, which, in excess, is known to raise the risk of high blood pressure in those who are sensitive. So shake both with equal restraint.


Salt of the Earth

Salt, and our burning physical need for it, have built roads, launched wars, and raised revolutions.

The story of salt is a story of struggle. Though common in the earth's crust and ubiquitous in its seas, salt isn't always easy to reach. Thus salt-bearing donkeys have worn "salt roads" as they distributed the precious mineral across Europe, and salt-laden ships have beaten watery paths around the world. Roman soldiers waged war in exchange for the elusive stuff, and Venice flowered on salt-trading profits.

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