Cacao (raw)

Cacao Beans Superfood!


The article evaluates the Cacao Nibs from Creative Nature.

Deepening Our Love Affair with Chocolate


Features the cacao tree. Description of the tree; Use of the tree for treatment of several diseases; Process of turning the cacao seeds into chocolates.



Presents information on the issues surrounding cocoa farmers in line with the fair trade movement. Types of working conditions suffered by cocoa farmers in West Africa; Background information on...

Chocolate: Past, Present and Future of Cacao


Chocolate: Past, Present and Future of CACAO

The steady decline of cacao plantations throughout the world has led to the revival of small, family owned and operated groves and co-ops. As the economic base of the large plantation system crumbles, farmers band together to create co-ops to better market their valuable crop. Cacao has always been a crop that never did adapt well to large-scale production, even in the time of the Mayas. In order to understand the situation, we need to study the history of cacao cultivation.

Theobroma cacao


The article offers information on the cacao bean. Central Americans referred as the tree of divine origin because its cultivation remains a mystery. The plant is used in the production of chocola...

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